Hello Blog World!

Welcome to my NEW blog. After you read this, you should delete your blog and and write your own post on mine, just kidding, I don’t know how to do that yet. But seriously if you want to post a rant, thought or article here, instead of fooling with your own site, just let me know and I might be glad to accommodate you ;-)!

While I am experimenting around this place and getting used it, any help or suggestions, are very welcome. I want it to “pop” and flow with a warm and professional appearance. Most importantly I do not want it to be to busy and functionality is a must importance. Let me know if something isn’t working properly. Learning can be fundamental and a way to grow friendships in the blogosphere.

Just keep in mind, it is possible I am NUTS and many thoughts, ideas and posts expressed here, while may be my own, there is a chance they were influenced by someone else’s internet site bloviations and are do to change. Just don’t get carried away.

For a while some of the things you see here will be influenced by severe cognitive dissonance, so until I work that out don’t be rude, if you can help it. Let’s go!


About Robb714

I love cats and my dog. Making the world a better place for all humanity and animals, is my goal. My past is very blurry and my future is uncertain. People should know, I am a very dynamic and interesting person. I taught Batman self-defense. Writing is my passion.
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