DAMN Yankees!

I don’t have anything against northerners and I certainly enjoy any opportunity to visit anywhere north of the Mason Dixon line. As a southerner I am as welcoming as they come, however when latest polls for South Carolina show Santorum leading in the race for the GOP nomination, I have to wonder. I know there are not that many indigenous Catholics as they usually have to worship in borrowed spaces for lack of their own. I also so know, no one born down here would soberly support a Yankee for elected office.

What is left is the obvious conclusion that as in many other ways people (snowbirds) move down here to escape harsh winters and high taxes, which they supported ever increasing to the point they couldn’t afford any longer or live with. My point is, what we detest is ya’ll coming down here permanently and bringing your politics with you. If you can’t change your ways, go home. We don’t take kindly to high taxes and BIG government ideals that ya’ll like to spread around wherever you move to like a bad cold. Some of us can’t afford eight dollars a pack, cigarettes and if my dog wants to run around amok, amok, amok that’s his dang business, not yours.

All I am saying is, if youins want to come live down here, leave your Yankee, left wing, pinko, government in my pants, overly busybody, non-minding your own business, raising my taxes so I can’t afford to live voting ways at home. The one you left because you couldn’t afford or didn’t want to pay 25,000+ dollar property taxes a year home.

You don’t see us running up there, where you’re from and voting to lower taxes, reduce government and recognize freedom of oppression so people can pursue liberty and happiness, now do you. Ya’ll up yonder have too much crime, too much poverty and to be honest it’s just not very safe to walk the streets. Now why do you suppose that is, coincidence or just bad judgment on your part in the voting booth? Heck, I relish in the fact that so far when I drive to the store, I can leave my keys in the car and worry about it. We don’t even lock our doors around here, why bother, come snooping and my Duke will get you and if he can’t handle it then he has six feline buddies to help him out. It is a good feeling living in a town with zero crime-rate and no unemployment. But if ya’ll have your way behind the curtain, that will be a thing of the past, just like it is where you came from.

For the record, Rick Santorum couldn’t get invited to a pig pickin, much less our support for president and that goes for the ketchup guy too. We ain’t big on Mormons either. We DO like our Bibles and our guns, dogs and pick-up trucks, down here, tbh.

So next time you take a poll or when you go pull a lever, keep in mind what I said here. Remember, we have guns and we don’t use them, we might thump you over the head with grandma’s Bible next time we go buy a pack of highly taxed smokes.


About Robb714

I love cats and my dog. Making the world a better place for all humanity and animals, is my goal. My past is very blurry and my future is uncertain. People should know, I am a very dynamic and interesting person. I taught Batman self-defense. Writing is my passion.
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