Seven Billion and Growing

 For all the non-believers and atheists that think the planet can not support all of God’s beautiful children, I wanted to share a different perspective. If you ever visit Texas, which I might point out the entire world’s population could live in comfortably, you can still travel hundreds of miles and not see another soul, so don’t neglect to fill up when given the opportunity.

 Just look at Hispaniola: an island containing the two countries of Haiti and Dominican Republic. While sharing the same geography and resources one country is prosperous and plentiful and the other even with tremendous international aid suffers mass starvation and health related issues, the reason being the difference in their leadership or government structure. Now view those differences globally like North and South Korea and you can plainly see the problem lies in lack of good leadership and not natural resources. Look at little Israel a desert country that exports and feeds many of their desert Arab neighbors through excellent land management. I could go on and on but plainly put it is not the planet but the idiocy of the people and their corrupt leaders that are the cause of widespread hunger. We give food and aid to many countries only for it to be horded or sold by dictators that pocket the proceeds to buy guns to stay in power i.e. Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gadhafi and Kim Jung IL.

 What the world needs is not more food but more power to the people. I believe most of the negative Nelly’s that spew doom and gloom about how the sky is falling just plain don’t think out (of their libnut paradigm box) much. It is a big beautiful not to mention resilient world we have been given as a preview of the more awesome bigger one to come. We should take better care of ourselves, our neighbors and the planet.

It has been my hope and dream that someday people will see beyond the lies spread by the Elite “Ivory Tower” blood suckers to stay in power and control the masses. I don’t see any evidence of this happening any time in the near future. Without adult supervision the little people will be trodden on to meet the needs of the few in charge of the chaos until they wake up from being stupid. There are so many things we could do for the betterment of mankind but the status quo seems to have a perpetual choke hold on the advancement of what could be paradise if we focused on the right goals. One day this will change and for that day I can not wait.


About Robb714

I love cats and my dog. Making the world a better place for all humanity and animals, is my goal. My past is very blurry and my future is uncertain. People should know, I am a very dynamic and interesting person. I taught Batman self-defense. Writing is my passion.
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