Goatville Times

Mayor of Goatville     From the desk of Rosie, the Mayor of Goatville on 11/27/2011

As soon as I finished my Bagel this evening, one of the upwalkers started to shoot of fireworks and scared the bee-jeebees out of us here on the farm. The cats ran for the woods and my yougin, Rudy hid behind his tree, like is a sfe place. No wonder they outlawed those things in Nazi Communist NC just north of the border. They are very scary, to be honest. The stupid dogs just whimpered and put their paws over their ears, like that does any good, I declare. I am getting used to all the weird rackets that eminate from the crazy upwalkers but give me a break, fireworks and it isn’t even a holiday, already.

Well, then the kind one, the one that thinks he takes care of us, came around offering condolences and apologies to all with some kind words and petting us all on the rumps. Bless his heart, he tries.


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